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“Du Cœur” translates from the French word “of the heart.” The birth of Du Cœur Magazine, is in line with the meaning of the word, affect: the embodiment, the passion, the wearability, the kinesthetic force, the tangibility of communication and its verbiage. Affect as a verb means to incite change, form impressions on the mind, influence, and move feelings. It can also mean spiritual energy. As a noun, affect can also be associated with a persona one wears or adopts by preference. Even as a noun, affect is in motion and movement. L’affection, is the act of creating resonance, it is derived from affect. In a world juxtaposing static of the television, with the murmur of our heart with the — clear perception is mangled. In a world filled with complexity, we interweave a kaleidoscopic lens to engage the world at the level of du cœur. We represent what is in, and bursting forth. Our premier issue is a love letter, one written not in nouns, but in rich textures of carefully selected verbs aimed to invoke change, movement, and l’affection of the heart.

Du Cœur Magazine,
A movement magazine.