Dream Trees





“The Du Cœur Dream Trees” is a continuous project in which we engage with our readers and observers in different parts of the world —  online and in person.  The project’s goal is to allow for individuals to tap into their inner selves amongst the busy every day.  Not only stop to see the flowers but to engage them with their dreams.  Another goal is to allow for a place that fosters deeper empathetic connections as dreams are shared with each other.  Thus, a deep collective arrangement is composed.  With our exchange, part performative, part performance, part installation art — and fully human — we are creating the open dialogue comprised of love letters and intimate dreams hidden inside the floral arrangement.

In this, we hope to create a shared exchange that operates to unite the private vulnerable world of dreams and to inspire action.

We also hope to blur the boundary and create a closeness between art, love, and life

Du Cœur Dream Trees” project’s intention falls in line with our mission, the aim to invoke a shared, open, and inclusive dialogue of the new lens of perspective we are writing, one “written not in nouns but in rich textures of carefully selected verbs aimed to invoke change, movement and l’affection du cœurof the heart.'”